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Tuya and Industry Leaders Jointly Establish an Intelligent Future at the 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit

2024-06-11 09:26 ET - News Release

Tuya and Industry Leaders Jointly Establish an Intelligent Future at the 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit

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NEW YORK, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global cloud platform service provider, grandly opened the TUYA Global Developer Summit in Futian, Shenzhen. The conference, themed "GenAI + IoT: Driving Smarter Spaces," saw Tuya Smart, collaborate with developers from around the world to deeply explore the innovative applications and best practices of generative AI across various industries.

One of the highlights was the sub-forum themed "Navigating industry innovation - the Developer's influence," which sparked widespread discussion. The forum featured prominent speakers including Xue Ya, President of Delos Asia & International WELL Building Institute Asia; Yuzhi Fang , Vice President of Easyhome; Thomas Tang, Founder of inSpace; Rudi Hidayat, CEO of V2 Indonesia; Elvio Ransolin, CEO of Hometree; Zhiwen Wu, Business Director of ZBOM Smart Home; Guangming Zheng, Marketing Director of Simon China; Dechao Chen, Founder of Chli; Jianfeng Liu, Founder of Smartek; Haiping Ying , General Manager of Tuya Smart Commercial. They shared their insights on how to realize smart commercial deployment.

The forum began with a keynote speech by Haiping Ying, General Manager of Tuya Smart Commercial, titled "Fueling Industry Growth: How Developer Platforms Drive Innovation." He stated, "With the improvement of living standards, the demand for transformation in the traditional whole-house smart installation industry is becoming increasingly prominent, ushering in an era of seamless integration. In response to the widespread demand for global smart commercial solutions, Tuya, based on the WWT (Works with Tuya) hardware ecosystem, provides a secure, compliant, and flexible open commercial developer platform to help global regional customers build their brand solutions, easily achieve device access and scenario application deployment. For vertical scenarios around door locks, we have launched the Gsmart Lock App, which is not only suitable for residential spaces but can also extend to commercial spaces, providing comprehensive smart access solutions for various users. In the future, Tuya will continue to join hands with global partners to build an open smart ecosystem, leading the industry to achieve leapfrog innovation and development."

Delos: Fusing Health & Intelligence: The Smart Well Living Space

Delos is a pioneering company in healthy real estate that created the global WELL Building Standard and is dedicated to incorporating human health and well-being into the core of buildings and driving changes in living environments through innovative research and development. They have launched the WELL Building Standard, Well Living Lab, and Delos Welltek.

"The Welltek system is a product of the deep integration of smart technology and the WELL Building Standard, reflecting Delos' continuous exploration and practices between technology application and market demand. Through our collaboration with Tuya, we have integrated the WELL Building Standard into the smart control system, creating a smart solution that combines high computing power, high quality, high standards, and high cost-effectiveness to connect products, intelligence, and people, and allowing everyone to achieve a healthier and better life through WELL, thus promoting harmonious coexistence between humans and nature," said Xue Ya, President of Delos Asia & International WELL Building Institute Asia.

Easyhome: Unveiling the Unexpected

Founded in 1999, Easyhome is a leading company in the pan-home furnishing industry in China, with a mission to make home furnishing and decoration simple and joyful. Its business covers design and decoration, furniture and building materials sales, logistics and delivery, housekeeping services, shopping centers, and lifestyle supermarkets, serving as a model for digital and intelligent new retail transformation.

Yuzhi Fang, Vice President of Easyhome, stated, "In the wave of transformation and upgrading of the traditional home furnishing industry, we have creatively proposed the smart family car strategy and built a smart home and digital family service platform. By constructing two interactive centers, the digital family brain and the digital family App, we connect rich and expandable ecosystem subsystems and smart terminals to achieve cross-brand, cross-ecosystem, and cross-terminal data interconnection, thereby creating a consumption experience scenario that integrates people, cars, and homes, bringing consumers a better smart life service experience."

inSpace: Smart Spaces Meet AlGC: Fusion of Technology and Industry Transformation

inSpace is an AI smart hardware product company with a full-chain software and hardware R&D team. Focusing on frontier technologies such as AIoT and robotics, the company is dedicated to developing high-tech, high-quality smart hardware products and digital space full-scenario solutions. Their inSpace intelligent space system and xbot coffee robot truly bring users a comprehensive landing solution with "extreme user experience and high cost performance."

Thomas Tang, Founder of inSpace, stated, "In the era of space intelligence, AI is ubiquitous. Interaction between machines and humans will become more natural, multi-modal interaction will become standard, and new interaction modes will inevitably accelerate the upgrade of smart hardware and the development of space intelligence. inSpace will join hands with Tuya to innovate smart home solutions, create a new space intelligence ecosystem, and provide users with a more open, inclusive, and stable smart life experience."

V2 Indonesia: Defining Whole-Home Intelligence

Explore the future with V2 Indonesia – An innovative company that combines automation technology and digital reality to change the face of industry. Providing services for all business sectors, companies to government. Armed with a platform equipped with sophisticated software that will bring a technological revolution into every aspect of life. As well as, building strong collaborations with future industry leaders.

Rudi Hidayat, CEO of V2 Indonesia, stated, "As a leading solution provider in Indonesia, we have always been at the forefront of whole-house smart development. Through close cooperation with Tuya, we have successfully combined cutting-edge technology with digital reality, bringing disruptive smart space solutions to the Indonesian market. Looking forward, V2 Indonesia will continue to collaborate with Tuya, leveraging virtual human AI technology to create a new smart home ecosystem and co-create a better digital life."

Hometree: Smart Construction Revolution: Hometree & Tuya Transforming High-End Living in Brazil

Hometree Automation stands as a foremost smart home service provider in Brazil, dedicated to blending cutting-edge technology with the refined lifestyles of Brazilian customers. Its ambition transcends mere automation services, aiming to deliver comprehensive lifestyle enhancements that deeply resonate with and fulfill the unique market demands. Leveraging its franchise model, Hometree guarantees a consistent and superior service quality and customer experience for every customer, regardless of their location.

Elvio Ransolin, CEO of Hometree, stated, "With the outstanding developer platform of Tuya, a wave of smart revolution has been set off globally, successfully integrating various smart devices into a smart home ecosystem. Facing the continuous growth of the Brazilian luxury residential market share, we look forward to comprehensive cooperation with Tuya, bringing Tuya's leading solutions to the Brazilian market and providing consumers with unprecedented smart living experiences."

ZBOM Smart Home: Mastering Home Intelligence: A Lifestyle Revolution

Founded in 1998, Zhibang Home Furnishing Co.LTD, focuses on the R&D, production, and sales of whole-house custom home furnishings. With multiple large manufacturing bases domestically and internationally, Zhibang Home Furnishing Co.LTD , driven by the brand philosophy of "better understanding of life," provides integrated solutions from the kitchen to the entire house for millions of families globally.

Wu Zhiwen, a business director of ZBOM Smart Home stated, "Throughout more than a decade of deep cultivation and accumulation, we have keenly observed new directions in market consumption trends: whole-house custom home furnishings are gradually evolving towards smart whole-home solutions. ZBOM Smart Home is fully prepared for this transformation. We will further expand our product line, create full-category products for whole-house spaces, and achieve full-category full-case delivery and full-space full-case design of integrated smart whole-home solutions. In the future, we will also engage in deep cooperation with Tuya to jointly develop custom smart products, bringing consumers a more intelligent and personalized home experience, and helping people to realize their imagination of their homes."

Simon: Simon Smart Home, Ushering in a High-quality Lifestyle

Founded in 1916, Simon is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, and focuses on switches, lighting and smart controls, and is dedicated to providing comprehensive electrical solutions for global users. After a century of development, Simon has established more than 20 subsidiaries in countries such as China, Russia, India, Brazil, Mexico, and Turkey, with 17 overseas production bases and a sales network covering over 90 countries and regions across four continents.

Guangming Zheng, Marketing Director of Simon China, stated, "Simon is committed to providing consumers with integrated smart electrical solutions by ensuring consistency in color temperature, integrated control panel solutions, and design delivery tools to create 'comfortism.' In market expansion, we collaborate with Tuya to continuously drive the innovation of Simon products and the entire smart home industry. In the future, Simon will offer higher-quality lighting and control products and scenario-based whole-house smart solutions to help customers enhance their product texture and space artistry."

Chli: Innovative Light Artistry with loT Integration

Founded in 2011, Chli is a high-tech enterprise with core businesses in AI ultra-energy-saving lighting, eye-protection lighting, and urban landscape lighting. The company aspires to become the "artist of light," dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and healthy lighting products for human smart development.

"In the context of the lighting industry gradually entering a segmented field, healthy light and ultra-energy-saving are undoubtedly the two core driving forces leading industry development. This year, we have reached in-depth cooperation with Tuya to jointly promote the deployment of 300,000 AI light tubes in hundreds of communities nationwide, illuminating green light sources with smart technology. Looking forward to the future, we will continue to join hands with Tuya, focusing on full-spectrum healthy light and AI ultra-energy-saving, seeking opportunities in the stock market, and bringing greater benefits to the industry through technological innovation," said Dechao Chen, Founder of Chli.

Smartek: Unlocking Opportunities: Redefining the Smart Access Landscape

Founded in 2016, Smartek is a factory that produces and sells smart locks and solutions. From its inception, it has been committed to providing smart locks and system solutions to global partners and end hotels, having passed Opera PMS integration, UL fire protection, European CE (Warringtonfire), and ANSI certification.

Jianfeng Liu, Founder of Smartek, stated, "Currently, the lock industry is gradually developing towards branding, refinement, and diversification, elevating user experience to a new height. Therefore, we have closely cooperated with Tuya, leveraging Tuya's commercial lock PCBA solutions to quickly match commercial lock management, meet users' diverse needs, and further expand scenario boundaries. In the future, we will continue to develop innovative products, be reliable in the eyes of customers, and continuously create value for customers."

During the forum, Tuya also held a grand "Whole-Home Intelligence, Illuminating the Light of Life" global partner consensus ceremony, witnessed by the guests. This consensus not only signifies the comprehensive arrival of the whole-house smart era but also indicates that Tuya will join hands with numerous global industry partners to continuously promote technology and product innovation, bringing users a better smart life experience.

The successful hosting of the "Navigating Industry Innovation - the Developer's Influence" sub-forum not only provided a platform for in-depth communication and idea exchange for developers from around the world but also helped attendees deepen their understanding of industry trends. Looking forward, Tuya will continue to collaborate with global developers through technological innovation, resource integration, and ecosystem expansion to jointly promote the sustainable development of smart commerce.

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