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Stockwatch System Status

Look here for information regarding system and information availability. Check here first if something seems wrong. Announcements regarding scheduled downtime will be placed here. Quoted times are Pacific Time unless otherwise indicated.

System Status as of 2024-05-30 09:36
Please see additional notes below
April 1 2024 - Stockwatch Price Increase

Effective April 1 2024 Stockwatch subscription prices change to:
Starter: 6.95
Intermediate: 12.95
Trader: 24.95
Daytrader: 59.95
Max: 119.95
July 19 2021 - Java Error

This should work for you:

We have an online page which describes this process with pictures:

Open Control Panel.
Click “Java”
Click “Security” tab.
Click “Edit Site List”
Add this to your trusted sites list exactly as shown here:

Then accept all warnings.

May 5 2021 - Crypto Quotes Now Available
Realtime quotes for some cryptos are now available. They are updated once per minute. Historical data coming soon.
These symbols are now live:
FX$BTC/USD - Bitcoin
FX$ETH/USD - Etherium
FX$BCH/USD - Bitcoin Cash
FX$XLM/USD - Stellar
FX$WBTC/USD - Wrapped Bitcoin
FX$ALGO/USD - Algorand
FX$USDT/USD - Tether
October 12 2018 - Issues with Java in Safari 12 (Mac OSX)
We have refined the process of downloading and opening JNLP Java Live Ticker files. When you go to launch the live ticker, you'll now be able to select a Permanent Web Start file. Downloading this file enables you to launch the Live Ticker without logging in to our website:
  • Go to launch the ticker and select "Permanent Web Start."
  • Once you have that download, open the downloads folder and find the file.
  • Hold down the control key and click on the file, and then select open (any other way of doing this will not allow you to open the file due to security settings).
  • Open the file, run the ticker and then you should have the java ticker back up and running.
This file can be retained and renamed to whatever you want. You only need to hold the control key to open it the first time and then after that it should always work. The file can also be moved to the desktop for quicker access. You'll need to enter in your login ID and Password each time you launch the ticker.

You'll also be able to change portfolios inside the ticker from the stocks menu.

New Features

April 2011 - ATS Data Availability

The new ATS (Alternative Trading System) is available for Stockwatch users. The ATS's trade the same stocks that are listed on the TSX, TSX Venture, CSE and Cboe Canada exchanges. You can subscribe to ATS data on the Subscription Options page - click "Your Account" at the top of any page. ATS data will be available for: Alpha Trading Systems, Nasdaq Canada (Chi-X and CX2), Omega ATS, Pure Trading, TriAct Canada, LiquidNet, Lynx and Cboe Canada. Additional royalty fees are required.
ATS data is displayed on the main website and the Stockwatch Desktop.
It is not available on the old website or the Java applets.

Delayed ATS Level 1 trades
You will see delayed ATS trading if you have not subscribed to ATS Level 1. Individual ATS bid/ask is not available. All ATS's are included.
When you get a detailed quote, the consolidated quote will appear first, followed by the listing exchange and ATS quotes below.

Realtime ATS Level 1 trades and bid/ask - web site
TSX, TSX-V or CSE Level 1 is a prerequisite. All ATS's are included.
When you get a detailed quote, the consolidated quote will appear first, followed by the listing exchange and ATS quotes below.

Realtime ATS Level 1 trades and bid/ask - streaming realtime in the Stockwatch Desktop
If you right-click on a stock in your ticker view, you can select menu item "Toggle ATS Quotes."

ATS Level 2 - website and Stockwatch Desktop
Available for Alpha, Chi-X, CX2, Omega, Pure, Lynx and Cboe Canada. Listing exchange Market Book is a prerequisite. You can subscribe to one or more of the available ATS's. Consolidated level 2 depth by price and market book will be displayed.

ATS Exchange Codes:
A=Alpha X=Chi-X H=CX2 P=Pure O=Omega M=TriactMatch I=Instanet L=LiquidNet Y=Lynx U=Cboe Canada