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News for C:ESE from 2022-09-28 to 2023-09-27 - 52 items News ReleasesIn The NewsOther CAUS
2023-09-25 10:37C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.145News ReleaseESE's Frenzy produces League tournament broadcast
2023-09-22 09:55C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.145News ReleaseESE talks video game tournament broadcast production
2023-09-13 13:06C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.185News ReleaseESE begins Teamfight Tactics tournament production
2023-09-05 09:55C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.20News ReleaseESE forms partnership with gaming production firm
2023-09-01 10:43C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.20News ReleaseESE's K1CK Esports to compete for $2M (U.S.) prize pool
2023-08-29 10:46C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.175News ReleaseESE Entertainment talks focus for remainder of 2023
2023-08-22 16:38C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.18Property AgreementESE Entertainment sale of GameAddik interest
2023-08-16 10:22C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.18News ReleaseESE completes sale of 70% interest in GameAddik to BPV
2023-08-09 11:07C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.22News ReleaseESE to sell 70% of GameAddik for $9.1-million
2023-08-08 04:05C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.22News ReleaseESE Entertainment, Silverstone Museum enter partnership
2023-07-25 08:39C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.17News ReleaseESE's Frenzy to produce Teamfight Tactics tournament
2023-07-06 14:22C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.145News ReleaseESE Entertainment adds Kia Poland as Ultraliga sponsor
2023-07-04 07:37C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.15News ReleaseESE taps Samsung as Ultraliga title sponsor
2023-06-29 19:14C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.17SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2023-06-29 19:13C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.17SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2023-06-29 18:57C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.17News ReleaseESE Entertainment loses $2.93-million in fiscal Q2
2023-05-16 12:54C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.20News ReleaseESE's Frenzy produces 18 days of broadcast for LEC
2023-04-18 19:10C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.255Shares for DebtESE Entertainment 70,175 shares for debt
2023-04-18 14:54C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.255News ReleaseESE talks production of live e-sports events
2023-03-31 21:51C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.29SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2023-03-31 21:50C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.29SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements
2023-03-31 19:08C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.29News ReleaseESE Entertainment loses $2.07-million in Q1
2023-03-30 10:35C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.275News ReleaseESE CEO talks DMS, Frenzy sale
2023-03-29 15:13C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.26News ReleaseESE signs LOI to sell Digital Motorsports, Frenzy
2023-03-29 15:00C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.26Resume TradingESE Entertainment to resume at 12:30 p.m. PT
2023-03-29 09:18C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.26Halt TradingESE Entertainment halted at the open
2023-03-01 12:42C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.40News ReleaseESE Entertainment loses $29.83-million in fiscal 2022
2023-02-28 22:59C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.42SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2023-02-28 22:58C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.42SEDAR Audited Annual Financial StatementsSEDAR Audited Annual Financial Statements
2023-02-28 20:39C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.42Private Placement - DebentureESE Entertainment loan amendment
2023-02-16 12:40C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.395News ReleaseESE Entertainment adds ChatGPT to business offerings
2023-02-15 17:51C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.395News ReleaseESE hires Fundamental for three reports, amends loan
2023-02-09 20:38C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.39Private PlacementESE Entertainment 5,000,502-share private placement
2023-02-07 17:02C:ESEESE Entertainment IncPrivate Placement - DebentureESE Entertainment $1.25M debenture private placement
2023-02-06 10:37C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.39News ReleaseESE Entertainment, Poznan, Metapro to organize W3GA
2023-01-27 18:00C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.415News ReleaseESE Entertainment closes $852,186 tranche of placement
2023-01-24 16:29C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.45News ReleaseESE closes $949,064 second tranche of financing
2023-01-16 18:34C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.44News ReleaseESE Entertainment closes $1.25M debenture placement
2023-01-12 01:32C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.425News ReleaseESE Entertainment achieves 2022 goals, looks to 2023
2023-01-04 00:07C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.35News ReleaseESE Entertainment's Ultraliga gains 10 million views
2023-01-03 17:27C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.35News ReleaseESE closes $198,950 first tranche financing
2022-12-22 07:42C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.35News ReleaseESE e-sports team qualifies for ALGS playoffs
2022-12-21 16:28C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.35News ReleaseESE Entertainment arranges $2M private placement
2022-12-13 20:40C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.39MiscellaneousESE Entertainment 1,657,730 warrants extended
2022-12-10 02:09C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.375News ReleaseESE Entertainment to extend expiry of 1.65M warrants
2022-12-06 11:36C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.39News ReleaseESE's digitalmotorsports has November revenue of $1.03M
2022-11-09 15:59C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.485News ReleaseESE Entertainment reviews fiscal 2022
2022-10-26 10:38C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.54News ReleaseESE's gaming technology division becomes Google partner
2022-10-06 08:51C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.68News ReleaseESE Entertainment wins $5M (U.S.) contract
2022-09-29 10:46C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.69News ReleaseESE Entertainment losses rise to $9.48M in Q3 2022
2022-09-29 09:28C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.69SEDAR MD & ASEDAR MD & A
2022-09-29 09:18C:ESEESE Entertainment Inc0.69SEDAR Interim Financial StatementsSEDAR Interim Financial Statements